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The Benefits of Children Learning Martial Arts

leonie - March 10, 2020 - 0 comments

The Benefits of Children Learning Martial Arts


A lot of parents worry if they should let their children take part in martial arts classes, but they don’t need to. There are so many ways learning a martial art at a young age can be beneficial to a child. The British Military Martial Arts Team has put together a list to highlight the benefits of children learning martial arts, which we hope will put any worries at ease and encourage more young people to take part.


Martial arts will help to educate children in the art of self-discipline. Nowadays, all too often children are accustomed to getting what they want whenever they want it. Martial arts help to educate restraint and patience.

Get Active

Taking up a martial art gets children far away from their digital screens, such as phones, laptops, and the TV. It gets them off the sofa and encourages them to be more physically active at the same time as having fun. Learning a martial art is a full body workout which can not only improve your child’s fitness but can help their mental health too!

Setting Goals

Having a martial arts competition or tournament that the children can aim for helps teach them to set goals in life and work toward achieving them. Whether or not they win it helps them to have key life skills that can help educate them and prepare them for life in the big wide world we live in.


Not just something Aretha Franklin sang about. Martial arts teach children to respect themselves, their instructor and others, especially authoritative figures.


Listening in martial arts is a key ingredient to success. Without listening to the martial arts instructor, children will be unable to complete the moves correctly. Martial Arts teaches children key listening skills on a one-to-one basis as well as in a group. This demonstrates key listening skills that allows children to progress their martial art training and be rewarded by advancing through coloured belts.

Increases self-esteem and confidence

When a child masters a new martial art skill or move it gives the child a real sense of achievement. We have seen first-hand when pupils work their way up through the ranks/belts it shows them that hard work pays off and they have something to be confident about.


Not much different from sports like football, in Martial Arts classes pupils will work in pairs to practise and learn new skills and moves. This not only teaches the child to respect the other children but work together to achieve their mutual goal. They’ll soon learn that sometimes two heads are better than one!

Conflict Resolution

A common misconception of martial arts is that they promote violent behaviour but in fact it is quite the opposite. Martial arts teach children peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution skills and emphasises that physical altercations must be avoided.

British Military Martial Arts has classes all throughout the United Kingdom.

Including classes in:

To find out more about our classes and how it can help your child with any of the above benefits of Martial Arts. Get in touch with our Qualified and Licensed Instructors today.

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