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The 2022 WAKO World Championships are finally over.

roystonseo - October 10, 2022 - 0 comments

The 2022 WAKO World Championships are finally over and everyone is back home safely.

The hard work and preparation put in by our team of athletes and coaches together has most definitely paid off, being our most successful WAKO World Championships as a team ever. All of the students this year trained under WAKO GB Coach Tony Anderton who runs 2 full time martial arts schools in Rugeley and Kidsgrove.

From a team of 6 athletes we achieved:

  • 10 medals total
  • 6 individual finals
  • 2 team finals
  • 2 WAKO World Champions

Results in order of photograph below

1. ChloƩ

  • Silver points
  • Bronze teams
4. Ella

  • Gold Light Contact
  • Silver points
2. Roman

  • Silver points
  • Silver teams
5. Archie

  • 5th points
3. Summer

  • Gold points
6. Rebecca

  • Silver LC
  • Bronze points
  • Bronze teams


Thank you to everyone for your support, it really does make a difference to know we have everyone behind us ?

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