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Ladies only martial arts

Our Ladies Only martial arts classes are designed for women aged 12 and over wanting to get fit, lose weight and make friends whilst building their confidence levels as they learn self-defence techniques.


Our Ladies Only classes are a combination of kickboxing and military boot camp styles. They're designed for women wanting to get fit, lose weight and make new friends.

We provide a friendly environment for beginners who want to participate in exercise and build their confidence levels by training with other women. Our classes provide a high intensity workout for students of all levels of fitness and ability.

We focus on helping students build their self-esteem, discipline and determination levels which can all lead them to improve other areas of their life, be this in school, at work or with family.

Elements of kickboxing such as controlled punching and kicking can work wonders to alleviate feelings of frustration and anger. The movements also improve the student's balance, flexibility and endurance.

Attending regular weekly classes are a great way to ensure that you get some quality "me time". These classes will allow you to socialise and make new friends away from the daily stresses of everyday life whilst improving your fitness levels.

Our highly trained military and civilian instructors also teach self-defence techniques, which is great for making you feel more safe, prepared and confident when in an unfamiliar situation.