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Point Fighter Challenge 2017

leonie - December 7, 2018 - 0 comments

Well Done to all those students who attended and had a go at tournament sparring, at the Point Fighter Challenge,
in Bolton Last Sunday.
We had over 25 students attend and compete, many having their very first experience of competition! You all did us very proud! We received lots of positive feedback
about our students from coaches, referees and parents.
Thank you to all you parents who travelled to the venue and patently waited for your child’s category. Tournaments can be hectic, unpredictable and often mean a long wait for you and your
child. Thanks for all your support.
Competition is an important tool of self-development. It allows us to see how practical our skills are when under pressure and gives us a tool for comparison with others taking part too. Whether you win or lose in competition, it always gives a student a pedestal on which to improve
from. We often see students coming back from tournaments fired up and super-motivated in class. I look forward to seeing how much improvement this most recent competition will influence with our students.
Congratulations to our Little Soldiers too! Some of them having their first goes at sparring! I hope you enjoyed being on the mat and getting a feel for competition in the future!

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