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Dan’s Story

leonie - December 7, 2018 - 0 comments

Hi guys,

I’d like to tell you how I got into this position with British Military Marital Arts.
I left Little Lever High School in 2015, and at the time, I was more than happy to leave. I didn’t believe the thing that everyone said, I do miss school now, everything was a lot more simple!
However, the time came and I had to go so I thought I’d apply for Bury College.
I managed to get into the college and started to do Sports because that’s all I wanted to do I wanted to run and play and never stop. However, the course wasn’t quite what I thought it was, you won’t believe it but we had to sit down still and work! I really didn’t want to do that, so I began to become unfocussed on my college work. I began to miss classes until my tutor spoke with me. She was very helpful and offered a different option- Public Services. I tried this out too, and instantly I knew college wasn’t going to work for me. My aim instead was to focus on my football. I have always played football at a good standard and wanted to pursue this further. I was already playing for a team, but I wanted more play, so I went to trials for other teams. During this time I managed to find myself in a semi- professional team but after a year nothing came from it and so I had to get serious. I applied for work at many places; Warehouses, McDonalds, stores like Asda and Morrison’s, but I never got even close. I thought about what I really wanted to do for a living and I had always just assumed it was sport. Now I had some spare time I was able to think more clearly. Being a big kid myself, I wanted to work with children! After this realisation I applied in nursery’s and primary schools to be a teaching assistant but still nothing came of it.

After a few months of applying for everything I could, I gave up hope with job applications. I went to an organisation called Connexions. Here, they help you find out what you want to do, and lead you in the right way to do it. So I went and expressed my enthusiasm about working with children and the person helping me said that there was a Martial Arts Traineeship that was available, and most other applicants weren’t up to the challenge. Instantly I knew that I had to do it, the course sounded perfect so I went to meet who my tutor at a new college, Babington’s. My tutor was called Bernadette, she was nice, friendly and very supportive. She arranged a meeting between me and the Instructor on a Friday.
I went to the meeting to find Jake (obviously who I didn’t know at the time) sitting across from, he explained about British Military Martial Arts and what my role would be. It was perfect as I got to work with kids and be active with Martial Arts training so I said that I was definitely interested and couldn’t wait to start! I started the week after and, well, you all know the story now. I stuck at it, didn’t leave and worked hard at it all. Here I am writing to you all now.
Thanks for reading my story so far, I hope you all enjoyed it.
Dan (Super-Dan)

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