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New School Opening for Greater Manchester

leonie - December 7, 2018 - 0 comments

We have Brand New children’s classes, early on Saturdays at Altrincham Leisure Centre (WA15 8EW), and

Benchill Community Centre (M22 8EJ). We encourage all our students, especially those at red belt and beyond, to train twice per week with us where possible. It makes an enormous difference to rates of progression, and beyond the novice belts, regular grading becomes very difficult if only training once weekly. As our students become more advance, the lesson content will become more complex and difficult (and exciting!).

We hope to see as many students as possible starting to develop their skills and progress into advanced standards of practice. As always at BMMA, we like to keep our standards 10/10, this is one way that can help us achieve this.

Jake Hughes

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