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We’re Coming To Birmingham!

leonie - December 7, 2018 - 0 comments

Mark your calendar for the launch of British Military Martial Arts Birmingham

** Launch dates at the following locations Spaces are limited **

  • Wednesday January 24 at Ulverley Primary School Solihull
  • Thursday 25 at Langley Primary School Solihull
  • Friday January 26 Harborne Fitness Centre
  • Saturday January 27 University of Birmingham School
  • Saturday January 27 Blue Coat School


We at British Military Martial Arts take great pride in teaching children the art of mixed martial arts. Seeing children grow in confidence, and building new friendships within our Martial Arts family is truly an honour to be part of.

Children will learn in different ways a combination of two to three learning styles

  • Auditory (child prefers to listen to the explanation)
  • Visual (child prefers to watch an example / demonstration of what is being explained)
  • Kinaesthetic (child prefers to learn by actually doing the activity hands on approach, an example of this approach is like when you learn to swim or ride a bike once you learn you never forget.)

To ensure we cover the above learning styles we follow the D.E.C.R Principle which are;


Demonstration, Explanation, Correction and Repetition


We have many rules here at BMMA our favourite rule is to always have

FUN FUN FUN and then more FUN

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