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Maddison’s Story

leonie - December 7, 2018 - 0 comments

I have been doing BMMA for a year now to help me build my confidence.

I really enjoy the classes, but there was one part of the class that I did not like and at first did not take part in.

When it came to sparring I wanted to sit it out and it would often make me scared and nervous. I was worried that I may injure myself during it as I had broken my arm twice before
(not in Martial Arts!) and did not want to break another bone.

I started to spar with Jake and Dan at first, and this made me feel more confident.

Jake and Dan, showed me the moves to make and let me work at my own pace. Jake also realised that if he talked to me whilst doing it, I soon forgot what I was doing and would just get on with it

I carried on trying to spar and practiced at home with my sister, mum and dad. In one of the classes my dad joined in and I beat him in a spar. I then started to spar with people in class and when sparring with people in class. Jake had said that we should instruct our partners on what kind of spar we should have.

I have my own sparring gear that also helps to build my confidence and makes me know that I am using the techniques I have been taught properly.

In class now, I spar with other Cadets and I am not scared anymore. I can use my voice to choose what kind of practice every time. I want to aim to become a blackbelt, but know it will take a long time and lots of effort.


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