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Boxing can help youngsters says Nigel Benn

leonie - December 7, 2018 - 0 comments

Benn, known as the dark Destroyer, said: “My sporting accomplishments mean nothing compared with helping people along the right path.

“World titles are what outsiders see and think I want to be remembered by, but for me what happened around the sport, the drugs, sex and rock and roll, are the things I’m trying to repair.

“Kids hanging around on street corners, causing trouble, can get involved in martial arts and learn the discipline needed in all walks of life.”

Benn, now a born-again Christian living in Spain, said this was a lesson he had learned from his own son.
“Youngsters have so much energy. If they don’t have anything to do then they start looking for trouble,” he added. “I know this through my own 15-year-old son. I didn’t let him box or practice martial arts because I wanted a different life for him than I had. “But when he started to get into trouble I took him training. Straight away he was working hard, running, hitting

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