Little Soldiers

The Little Soldiers classes are specially designed to introduce young children to martial arts. Students start from as young as 4 up to the age of 7. The classes work on the fine motor skills which improve physical and mental attributes. The classes are also very animated making them lots of fun. We believe that it is important to teach young children in their own dedicated class with their own syllabus which is challenging yet achievable.

Classes are 30 minutes long and are broken down into 5 minute segments. Every 5 minutes the students will be changing what they are doing, moving to a different part of the room or changing their instructor. This ensures that we are keeping their attention and that they will get the most out of the classes.

All our classes help with confidence building by challenging the children and getting them out of their comfort zone one tiny step at a time. Our military values of discipline, self control and respect are introduced to the children so they understand what it means to be a Little Soldier.

All of our instructors are trained to the highest standard in teaching this younger age group and are CRB checked.

If you are interested in trying a class please click on the free class button or alternatively click on the local schools tab to find a school near you and give them a call on the phone number that is listed.

Little Soldiers classes for ages 4 - 7 years

Watch what happens in our Little Soldiers class here!

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