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Nigel Gill

British Military Martial Arts Ludlow

Ludlow Junior School,
Clee View, Ludlow,
Shropshire, SY8 1HX

British Military Martial Arts Bridgnorth

East Gym ,
Oldbury Wells School, Oldbury Wells Lane, Bridgnorth,
Shropshire, WV16 5JD

British Military Martial Arts Tettenhall

Christchurch Junior School,
Woodcote Road, Tettenhall,
Wolverhampton , WV6 8LG

Nigel Gill

My first martial arts class with Lee Matthews was in 1999. I wanted my 6 year son, Daniel to take up kickboxing. Daniel got nervous and wouldn’t take part unless I agreed to join in. This was probably one of the best ever decisions I made. I found the classes exciting and challenging and couldn't wait for the next one. When I reached Red Belt I became one of Lee’s first SWAT members, when I got my red suit I wore it with great pride.

In 2003 I gained my first Dan Black Belt. I spared 15 rounds, some against Matt and James Winsper who are both legendary world champions. This was by far the greatest achievement I have ever received. I was Lee’s first Student to go all the way from White to Blackbelt also Daniel and I became the first father and son Blackbelt team.

Shortly after gaining my First Dan I opened my first school under Lee Matthews in Bridgnorth, The school is still going today and is very successful.

In 2006 I gained my second Dan Black Belt, for this I had to do a solo parachute,  run the Wrekin three times, do a fire walk and do a full contact kickboxing fight, 15 more rounds of sparing which was even more demanding than the sparing on my first Dan. In 2009 I gained my third Dan.

Apart from my kickboxing training with Lee Matthews I have trained with ex-WBC World Super Middle Weight Boxing Champion Ritchie Woodhall and Braulio Estima Brasilian Ju-Jutsu world Blackbelt Champion. I now put elements of these into my classes to give them an added dimension.

I opened my second school in Wolverhampton and my third in Ludlow. I now teach every night of the week and have around 130 students training under myself and my team.

I also spent four years as a professional boxing referee employed by the British Boxing Board of Control, refereeing over 300 professional fights in front of crowds over 10,000 spectators.

My hobbies include keeping fit, I try to run at least three times a week, I prefer over road and hill runs as opposed to flat road work. I have run a number of half marathons. I also like to walk, I live in the countryside on the Shropshire Worcester border, I love the area and I get out as often as possible.

I have also run 4 very successful fight nights at the Castle Hall in Bridgnorth. I put on over 30 fights in one night and have a crowd of over 300 cheering parents and students. I even have character fights, and the most memorable was Spiderman versus Batman, check this out on You Tube - it’s legendary.

In 2009 I was made redundant as Senior Quality Engineer at Ogihara Telford. Martial Arts then became my full time employment and I have never looked back.