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James McCormick

British Military Martial Arts Telford

Unit C10, Tweedale Industrial Estate,
Madeley, Telford,
Shropshire, TF7 4JR

British Military Martial Arts Leeds

Sharp Lane Primary School,
Sharp Lane, Leeds,
West Yorkshire, LS10 4QE

James McCormick

I had always been a very active child and initially became interested in the Martial Arts at a young age after playing the legendary video game ‘Tekken’ as well from what I saw on TV Shows such as Power Rangers. I was amazed by what I saw and decided that I wanted to do the things like the characters I’d see on screen.
I started my Martial Arts training here at LMBMMA at the age of 10 as a Cadet - I would train Mon-Sat; 3-4 times a week at the dojo and practice my techniques, conditioning and stretching routines at home everyday. I loved refining my moves and making them sharper, lines cleaner and the execution faster; I had a real thirst for learning new techniques - the more advanced the better!
I found the movement of Martial Arts Tricking online and have had the privilege of befriending and training with the world’s best practitioners of the sport. Being widely recognized for proper execution of technique and power, I was approached by JD Sports Digital Media in 2015 to film a documentary on Tricking and have also done stunt work for various UK film and television shows.
I have trained with Teachers, Coaches, and Martial artists from around the globe, and now my passion lies in passing down the vast knowledge I have obtained on my travels to students of my own whilst continuing to constantly advance my own techniques and skillset.