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Duncan Mills

British Military Martial Arts Southampton

Wildern Leisure Centre,
Wildern Lane, Hedge End, Southampton,
Hampshire, SO30 4EJ

Duncan Mills

Duncan Mills is a Black Belt Instructor with the LMBBA

The Beginning

A passion for Martial Arts began at age 9, when he sought out a local training school to learn, improve and develop his natural skill and ability. It soon became evident that he demonstrated a significant aptitude both physically and mentally for the sport, and he went on to join The Wutan School of Chinese Kickboxing. This was founded and led by GrandMaster They Soon Tuan, of the Wutan Institute of Martial Arts. Through personal effort and commitment Duncan began to gain appropriate skills to compete in both light and semi-contact kickboxing tournaments across a variety of clubs. At age 16, Duncan was awarded his first gold medal for full contact fighting.

Personal Achievement

At the age of 19, after 10 years of commitment and dedication, he gained the coveted Black Belt for Kickboxing. The personal lessons learned and confidence gained enabled him to branch out and mature his skills through to teaching. As a result he opened his first Martial Art training class for young people aged 6-17. The classes were quickly filled and well attended on a regular basis.

Developing Teaching techniques

For the next few years Duncan gained further experience developing his instructional techniques. Co-tutoring opportunities working on Primary First Aid Techniques with Security Staff and ex-Police Officers with Portsmouth City Council Licensing Department proved invaluable. He further assisted in the delivery of Substance Misuse Awareness Training with similar social groups.

Through his skills as a DJ he worked for several years engaging with Young Offenders at The Home Office, Swanwick Lodge Children’s Secure Unit, and with Catch 22 Substance Misuse Services and held a Lecturer position at Chichester College teaching Music Tech.

For the duration of these positions, he was able to demonstrate to all involved, his ability to share empathy, gain mutual respect, and more importantly to engage with and gain the respect of young people effortlessly.

In July 2011 Duncan was nominated to participate in the Lee Matthews Black Belt Academy Instructors Course in Telford. This culminated in an overall level of competency in all aspects of the Martial Art course and A grades were awarded for several of the main subject areas. This achievement has now been sanctioned and approved to enable classes to be delivered within the Southampton catchment area.

Personal Circumstances

Duncan is the father of 3 young children. His eldest boy is 7 years of age and his two girls are aged 5 and 2. It is his ambition that the children will begin to see Martial Arts as a way of life, embracing a discipline that will help them achieve more in terms of their personal self confidence and development. Healthy lifestyle choices would equally help them make better choices and benefit their long-term future, and Duncan shows a great interest in promoting this in all aspects of his family’s lives'.

The classes in Southampton are fun and friendly and focus on exactly what you need from Martial Arts. As you progress, the emphasis turns more towards working you out of your comfort zone in order for you to achieve maximum results.