Why we're different

Why we are different

At British Military Martial Arts we pride ourselves on the quality of our instructors.  Each instructor is selected for their individual skills and then they are further trained to the highest standard to ensure each class provides the most rewarding experience for our students.  We have found that ex-military personnel have some fantastic personal attributes, which enable them to engage and motivate students - this is why many of our instructors have a military background. The civilian instructors we have are also trained to teach the same way that a military PTI would be and all instructors are extremely motivated and professional.


Our Instructors

All of our instructors must attend and pass the notorious L2 Instructor Training Course, (run by Lee Matthews), to ensure their skills are developed and up to standard, regardless of their background.  The L2 training course is not just an attendance course. The average pass rate is 40 % and only A grade students are allowed to progress onto opening schools.  This is classed by many as one of the hardest courses of its type.  Instructors are not only pushed to their physical limit, but mentally also. Those that successfully pass are then able to join the ranks of one of the most professional and well respected martial arts groups in the world.

Not just a blackbelt, a BMMA blackbelt.

The ethos of BMMA starts from the top and works down, this is why all instructors must be of the highest calibre. New students start taking classes suitable to their needs. The main focus to begin with is to build up fitness, confidence and basic martial arts skills. As the students progress the intensity is gradually turned up until they are at an extremely high level of fitness and competence. The students will then start undergoing some quite intense challenges designed to build up their confidence in their abilities.  The main goal being the blackbelt, that takes between 4-5 years to achieve and consists of a full weekend of military and martial arts tests designed to show the students what they are now capable of, and to develop them into the confident blackbelt with a winning mindset; someone who is relentless in their approach to everything they do in life.

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