School Address

Stourport Rd, Kidderminster
Worcestershire, DY11 7BG

Telephone: 0800 389 3987

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Learn Martial Arts & Kickboxing In Kidderminster- Transform Your Body And Fitness Levels Starting Today.

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Improve Fitness Levels

Gain Confidence

Grow Self Respect

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Get a FREE seven-day trial lesson pass for martial arts, kickboxing and karate classes in Kidderminster, with unique classes for men, women and children, by calling 0800 389 3987 now.

Welcome to LM-BMMA Kidderminster – The Armoury

LM-BMMA Kidderminster's values are rooted in integrity and providing you with the very best martial arts experience. All of our classes are designed to provide a welcoming and friendly environment to help you achieve your specific goals and targets, while our hi-tempo, upbeat atmosphere will ensure that you enjoy learning martial arts.

We offer courses for students of all ages, fitness and skill levels, and will help you grow both physically and mentally, providing you with skills and a positive outlook that will carry over into your everyday life.

Disciplines Covered

  • Freestyle Point-Fighting
  • Sport Karate
  • Kickboxing
  • Boxing
  • Extreme Martial Arts
  • Power Yoga
  • Street Defence
  • Ladies' Kickboxercise

Lessons taught

Little Soldiers: Ages 4-7

Designed to introduce younger children to the discipline and fitness of martial arts training, our Little Soldiers classes are run in a friendly and upbeat way that will help set your child up for a lifetime of health, fitness and confidence. Prices: £6 per class

All Other Classes: Ages 8-80 (or older!)

From older children through to teenagers and adults, LM-BMMA Kidderminster has courses and classes designed for students of all ages, skill levels and fitness levels.

Beginner Classes

Lose weight, get fit, make friends and have fun as you start your martial arts journey with us! Our beginner classes will help you lay the foundations for a successful future in martial arts, whether you're a complete novice or someone looking to clean up and sharpen old skills. Perfect for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Advanced Classes

Push yourself to the next level. Our advanced classes are taught by world-class martial arts athletes, who will help you train your body and mind to push you past the boundaries of what you thought possible. You'll develop an unbeatable level of fitness, along with the mental edge needed to attain a truly advanced level of martial arts skill. Prices: £6 per class

Additional class information

Little Soldiers - 4 yrs - 7 yrs   

Cadets - 8 yrs - 11 yrs

Adults - 12 yrs +

All adult classes at British Military Martial Arts in Kidderminster are based around kickboxing and military style fitness training. For full information about the current classes and times on offer for both adults and children contact us free on 0800 389 3987 today and book your free 7 day trial lesson pass.

Opening times

Little Soldiers, Monday 5:30pm – 6:15pm, Thursday 5:30pm – 6:15pm

Cadets, Monday 6:15pm – 7:00pm, Wednesday 6:15pm – 7:00pm, Thursday 6:15pm – 7:00pm

Adults, 7:15pm – 8:00pm, Wednesday 7:15pm – 8:00pm, Thursday 7:15pm – 8:00pm

Adults Sparring, Monday 8:00pm – 9:00pm, Thursday 8:00pm – 9:00pm

Friday, Intros 5:30pm – 6:15pm, Junior Sparring 6:15pm – 7:00pm, Ladies Kick 7:15pm – 8:00pm

Saturday, Fitness & Revision 10:00am – 11:00am, 1:1 Private Lessons 11:00am – 3:00pm


James Mccormick

I was attracted to Martial Arts from a young age – watching cartoons such as ‘Dragonball Z’ and the ‘Ninja Turtles’, and I would often try and emulate the techniques I’d seen on those programs when I was outside. As I grew a little older I developed a keen interest in the culture and history of the Far East – Japan in particular. I admired the sounds of the language, the landscapes, morals and traditions, and of course the Martial Arts background of the country.

However, it was not until I reached 14 that I actually attended my first Martial Arts class. This was at Lee Matthew’s first academy in Tweedale, and it was there, right after the first lesson, that my interest instantly developed into a passion. I would train twice a week at the dojo and practice my techniques, conditioning and stretching routines at home in the meantime.

After a good year or so of training I’d come to realise what I enjoyed most about Martial Arts - and for me it was the art form itself. I loved refining my moves and making them sharper, lines cleaner and the execution faster, and I had a real thirst for learning new techniques - the more advanced the better!
When I was introduced to jump-spin kicks, I was once again overwhelmed by a desire to learn as much as possible. These techniques were what I’d been immediately drawn to as a child, and I began researching online as much as possible to see if there were any other ones I could work on. It was then that I discovered an upcoming movement known as “Extreme Martial Arts” and I started practising and developing these dynamic kicks, flips and twists alongside my traditional Martial Arts training.

Martial Arts is no longer a hobby for me, it is a fundamental part of my life. The benefits I’ve received from the years of training are irreplaceable. It has given me the confidence to be who I want to be, to know that no goal is unobtainable and to pursue with great resolve the things I love most. I owe a great deal to my quality teachers and it is with that quality in mind that I pass on what I have learnt.

Ryan Marlow

My name is Ryan Marlow and I am 17 Years Old. I have been doing kickboxing since the age of 4. I achieved by Black Belt by the age of 8, progressed onto my 1st Dan Black Belt at the age of 11, followed by my 2nd Dan Black Belt at the age of 13.

By pushing myself mentally and physically I passed all of my grades with outstanding marks.

I have represented my Country on numerous occasions, winning many titles. These are my top achievements to date:-

    3 x WAKO World Champion
    2 x WKA World Champion
    1 x ISKA World Champion
    2 x WAKO European Champion
    1 x WAKO European Team Champion
    2 x WAKO Austrian Classic Champion
    4 x WAKO Irish Open Champion
    2 x WAKO Athens Challenge Champion
    2 x WAKO Dutch Open Champion
    14 x WAKO British Champion
    Top Ten UK Team member


My greatest achievement is the Triple Junior World Championships – holding all three major junior titles at the same time, this was said to be a 'unique treble' and I felt very proud to have created a slice of kickboxing history. My best sporting memory was in Italy at the Wako Junior World Championships, 2008. I had to fight in the final against an Italian. The atmosphere was buzzing! The crowd were behind their fighter, chanting ITALIA! I was so nervous and can remember thinking that this was my moment, all the hard training and sacrifices were for this one moment. I managed to control my nerves and blank out the noisy crowds. I was focused on taking the Gold! The fight itself was tough. The Italian wanted to win; but I wanted the victory even more. It was furiously fast, scoring point for point throughout. The time buzzer sounded and at that moment I glanced at the score boards and realised that I had become WAKO Junior World Champion. I was so emotional that I had finally achieved the one title that I had always wanted from the most prestigious kickboxing organisation of martial arts. 

I have been a WAKO GB Squad Member since the age of 7 but was not able to compete until the age of 10 due to age restrictions. It is a great honour and achievement to represent your Country at any age but to be selected for the GB Squad at the age of 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17 has taken a lot of dedication, sacrifices & hard training. 

 I compete throughout the UK on a regular basis and enjoy coaching my students throughout their fights to maximise their full fighting potential. I am passionate about teaching and enjoy watching my students grow in confidence as they progress on their own individual martial arts journey. 

I have been extremely privileged to have been trained, coached & mentored by the best Martial Arts Masters of the UK. I live and train by the motto 'nothing great in life is ever easy'