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Wednesfield Business Park, Waddens Brook Lane, Wednesfield
West Midlands, WV11 3SF

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Learn Martial Arts & Kickboxing In Wednesfield - Transform Your Body And Fitness Levels Starting Today.

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Welcome to LM BMMA Wednesfield

If you're looking to push yourself to the next level with martial arts training from experienced experts, you've come to the right place. Lee Matthews BMMA Wednesfield cater to students of all abilities, teaching you the basics of a range of martial arts, before building on those foundations to take you to the next level.

We offer a range of lessons taught by world class martial arts athletes, who'll share the secrets to their successes. Make use of a range of pads, mats and other equipment to really challenge yourself.

Disciplines Covered

  • Freestyle Point-Fighting
  • Sport Karate
  • Kickboxing
  • Boxing
  • Extreme Martial Arts
  • Power Yoga
  • Street Defence

Lessons taught

Little Soldiers and Cadets

Fun and exciting, our little soldiers lessons give younger children a safe introduction to martial arts. Older children will begin to learn more advanced skills at our cadets sessions, along with the mental adaptability and discipline needed to succeed in martial arts.

Beginners' Lessons

If you're just starting out on your martial arts journey, or you're sharpening your rusty skills after a long lay-off, our beginners' lessons are perfect. You'll learn in a friendly, upbeat class that welcomes all ages, shapes and sizes. Our instructors and your fellow students will help you to improve flexibility and fitness, learn new skills, and lay the foundations for your future development in a friendly, fun way.

Advanced Lessons

If you want to push the boundaries of what you thought you could achieve, our advanced martial arts lessons are for you. Taught by world class martial artists, we'll show you just how far you can develop your skill, fitness and mental edge.

Additional class information

Little Soldiers - 4 yrs - 7 yrs   

Cadets - 8 yrs - 11 yrs

Adults - 12 yrs +

Lesson prices

Prices begin at £5.50 per class.

Opening Times



Little Soldier - 5pm

Cadets - 5.30pm

Adults - 6.15pm


Little Soldiers - 5.45pm

Cadets - 6.15pm

Adults - 7pm



Grant Steven

I had always been a very active child and initially became interested in the martial arts at a young age after playing a video game called ‘Tekken’ and also watching Hong Kong movies, particularly those starring Bruce Lee. I was amazed by what I saw and decided that I wanted to do the things like the characters on screen.

I enrolled in a local Judo class and began training at around 10 years old. However after a few months I realized that Judo focused mainly on throws and takedowns and didn’t include the striking elements that had attracted me to the martial arts. Soon after, I quit the Judo classes and enrolled at a school specializing in Wing Chun. I enjoyed attending the Wing Chun classes, however around a year into my training, the Sifu told me that the Wing Chun style didn’t include high and dynamic kicking techniques, which was the training I really desired.

After a while of cycling around a few different martial arts styles, I came across Tae Kwon Do. The first lesson involved a lot of kicking practise and I became immediately hooked. I attended all of the classes during the week, and trained myself at home in between. Martial Arts soon became a massive part of my life and my training went from a hobby, to a lifestyle.

Some years into my Tae Kwon Do training, I saw a movie in which a Wushu practitioner performed an acrobatic technique known as a butterfly twist. It looked amazing and I wanted to learn it. Eventually after some research on the Internet I realized that these acrobatic movements were a part a developing sport known as ‘Extreme Martial Arts’. I learned that there was a whole set of impressive, acrobatic movements and I immediately began studying videos, reading articles and training what I saw along with my Tae Kwon Do training..

Although I trained often, it wasn’t until late 2009, that I started taking my training more seriously. I began looking into many more aspects of physical conditioning and incorporated new drills and exercises to further improve my technique and explosiveness. As of today, I train every day, whether it’s on my techniques or conditioning and fitness routines, usually both. On top of this I place a lot of importance on stretching, enjoy eating well and living a healthy lifestyle.

Training in the martial arts is the greatest thing I ever decided to do and has shaped me into the individual I am today, teaching me important traits such as discipline, self-control and working hard towards attaining a goal. I would recommend martial arts to anybody of any age or physical ability, the benefits are priceless.

James Mccormick

I was attracted to Martial Arts from a young age – watching cartoons such as ‘Dragonball Z’ and the ‘Ninja Turtles’, and I would often try and emulate the techniques I’d seen on those programs when I was outside. As I grew a little older I developed a keen interest in the culture and history of the Far East – Japan in particular. I admired the sounds of the language, the landscapes, morals and traditions, and of course the Martial Arts background of the country.

However, it was not until I reached 14 that I actually attended my first Martial Arts class. This was at Lee Matthew’s first academy in Tweedale, and it was there, right after the first lesson, that my interest instantly developed into a passion. I would train twice a week at the dojo and practice my techniques, conditioning and stretching routines at home in the meantime.

After a good year or so of training I’d come to realise what I enjoyed most about Martial Arts - and for me it was the art form itself. I loved refining my moves and making them sharper, lines cleaner and the execution faster, and I had a real thirst for learning new techniques - the more advanced the better!
When I was introduced to jump-spin kicks, I was once again overwhelmed by a desire to learn as much as possible. These techniques were what I’d been immediately drawn to as a child, and I began researching online as much as possible to see if there were any other ones I could work on. It was then that I discovered an upcoming movement known as “Extreme Martial Arts” and I started practising and developing these dynamic kicks, flips and twists alongside my traditional Martial Arts training.

Martial Arts is no longer a hobby for me, it is a fundamental part of my life. The benefits I’ve received from the years of training are irreplaceable. It has given me the confidence to be who I want to be, to know that no goal is unobtainable and to pursue with great resolve the things I love most. I owe a great deal to my quality teachers and it is with that quality in mind that I pass on what I have learnt.