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Fit Inc Studio, Gym & Dojo , 1 Simpson Parkway, Centrex Conference Centre, EDINBURGH
Scotland, EH54 7BH

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Learn Martial Arts & Kickboxing In Livingston, Edinburgh - Transform Your Body And Fitness Levels Starting Today.

Class Information

Improve Fitness Levels

Gain Confidence

Grow Self Respect

Have Fun!

Martial Arts Lessons in Livingstone, Edinburgh – FREE TRIAL

Get a FREE seven-day trial lesson pass for martial arts, kickboxing and karate classes in Livingstone, Edinburgh, with unique classes for men, women and children, by calling 0800 389 3987 now.

Welcome to Lee Matthews British Military Martial Arts in Edinburgh

Specialising in kickboxing, Lee Matthews British Military Martial Arts Edinburgh works closely with students of all levels and ages to teach them martial arts. Our instructors will take the time to talk with you one on one to discuss your personal and competitive goals, before explaining how you can best meet them. Whether it's losing weight, winning a medal, or just enjoying yourself amongst a like-minded family of martial artists, our doors are open to you.

Disciplines Covered

  • Martial Arts
  • Kickboxing

Lessons taught

Little Soldiers: Ages 4-7

Fun and exciting, our little soldiers lessons give younger children a safe introduction to martial arts.

Cadets: Ages 8-12

Older children will begin to learn more advanced skills, along with the mental adaptability and discipline needed to succeed in martial arts.

Advanced Cadets: Ages 12 - 15

As they move towards adulthood, our young cadets begin to develop the mental and physical conditioning required of any competitive martial artist.

Adults: Ages 16+

For our adult students, the only limit is your desire and commitment. Whatever your goals are, we'll help you to achieve them.

Additional class information

Little Soldiers - 4 yrs - 7 yrs   

Cadets - 8 yrs - 11 yrs

Adults - 12 yrs +

All adult classes at British Military Martial Arts in Livingston are based around kickboxing and military style fitness training. For full information about the current classes and times on offer for both adults and children contact us free on 0800 389 3987 today and book your free 7 day trial lesson pass.

Lesson prices

Prices begin at £2 per class.

Opening Times

Mondays - Fridays: 17:00 – 21:00

Lessons run from 5pm to 9pm, Monday to Friday. For details of a specific lesson, contact BMMA Edinburgh using the contact form provided.

NOTE: Our dojo is open from 06:30 to 21:00, Monday to Friday for any self-motivated students looking to practice their skills


Brian Fernie

Brian Fernie was born in Tayside in 1969. Whilst at school he played various sports representing his region at Basketball, xcountry and karate. Brian studied the traditional style of Goju Ryu obtaining his black belt at 15.  After leaving school aged 15, he joined the British Army as a Junior Leader and became an Infantry soldier with the world’s most famous regiment The Black Watch.

Whilst serving with the battalion he was deployed on various operational tours worldwide and worked with USMC and American Rangers, serving in a multitude of roles including a stint as a Physical Training Instructor.

During his military career he studied Shotokan karate, Shukokai and Kyushinkai styles.

When he finally left the Army in 1996 Brian worked a security contractor before joining the Metropolitan Police Service where he predominantly served in plain clothes roles and Public order units, he served 5 years in London before transferring to Lothian and Borders in Edinburgh where he continued with the same roles.


During his police service Brian utilised his fitness qualifications and qualified in various fitness courses then set up his own Personal Training and Fitness consultancy.

Brian started in 2004 with British Military Fitness as a part-time instructor, quickly becoming the Operations Manager for Scotland, North East England and Northern Ireland, Brian left this role in 2011 and set up his own full time gym, and martial arts centre in Livingston West Lothian.

Brian is also considered as one the country’s leading Combat sports strength and conditioning coaches, and one of only a handful of level 2 coaches; he has trained fighters from all martial arts backgrounds from amateurs to world champions and has worked with a variety of teams and fighters. He trained under JC Santana of the Institute of Human Performance, Florida, who trains UFC teams such as American Top Team and various UFC and Strike Force champions.

Brian competed at Triathlon and ranked top fifteen nationally, his passion though has always been combat sports and whilst renewing his interest started studying Kickboxing.

His approach to training is simple, everything should be knowledge led, not necessarily scientifically proven.  When teaching kids he says keep it simple, make it fun, challenging, achievable and rewarding the rest will come.

Brian’s personal training covers all aspects from weight training, endurance to S.A.I.D circuits and his motivation is always to lead by example.